Joker Strike is a Quickspin slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines.

This game introduces the high roller feature that can produce extra wilds and wild strikes when activated.

Although Joker Strike looks like a simple game it’s actually not. The reels are surrounded by a string of lights that contain even more symbols that are activated once the Joker Strike feature starts. This is a classic fruit machine themed slot.

Joker Strike Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols resemble those you can find on any classic slot machine with the cards, hearts, clubs, stars, diamonds and stars as the lower paying symbols and seven, bells and jokers as the higher paying symbols.

The wild substitutes all other symbols if this leads to a winning combination. The minimum wager amount is 10p per spin

The gameplay of Joker Strike is quite straightforward but as soon as you get a winning combination the outer wheel gets activated and the Joker Strike feature comes into play.

The winning symbols will light up on the outer wheel and if it lands on a lit up symbol these symbols will get added to the reels with a new payout.

If you get a win with joker wilds a lit up joker on the outer wheel will add two wilds to the reels.

The Hi Roller Feature

During the Hi Roller mode extra features get added to the game and the type of feature depends on the stake you are willing to risk. We have listed the three Hi Roller modes below;

  • £20 – Guaranteed Wild: Each spin a joker wild is added to the reels and moves clockwise till the reels stop.
  • £30 – Wild Strike: Two wild symbols are added to the outer wheel. If a marker stops on a wild then the joker strike feature will add wilds to the reels.
  • £50 – Double Chance: An extra marker spins on the outer wheel which doubles the chance to hit the joker strike feature.

Final Thoughts

Although the game lacks a free spins feature it’s a fun slot to play.

The outer wheel makes this game unique and the winning potential on each spin is 1.211 times your stake. You can increase your winning potential with the Hi Roller feature.

If you are searching for a modern game with a classic feel to it then Joker Strike is worth a try.

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