In the online gambling world, there has been a big push for better games for the better part of the past two decades.

However, the original software companies that made it big like Microgaming and Playtech focused almost exclusively on providing a large number of games instead of games that gave players a great experience.

The idea at the time was that having more games gave you a competitive advantage.

Years later, different companies started changing that paradigm by offering high-quality graphics with fewer overall titles.

The end result was 3D online video slots becoming the online casino game of the present era.

The Distribution of 3D Slots

Right now, there are three main companies known for producing high-quality slots with 3D graphics.

Those companies are Rabcat, iSoftBet and BetSoft.

Rabcat and iSoftBet ran into a problem that we mentioned above that they had a smaller quantity of games, even though the quality of their games was spectacular.

Along these lines, they’ve had to make different types of content deals with the Microgaming Quickfire platform and other distribution platforms to get their games in front of more players.

The case of BetSoft is a little different.

They started out making normal games without 3D graphics before they switched over to their Slots3 line of video slots with a better visual appeal.

Along these lines, they ran into a situation where they already had an established number of games, so they were able to offer their 3D video slots as an extra selling point on top of an already-complete set of titles.

This means they’re able to be the only software provider that some online casinos need.

In spite of this, they still make plenty of deals with operators for their games to be posted up beside of others from various developers.

Jumping on the 3D Bandwagon

Plenty of other software companies have started producing 3D video slots as well including Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Realtime Gaming and others.

The point is that they realized this was where the industry was going in terms of overall game quality, and they wanted a piece of the action.

Nobody can blame them for doing so, and it just ends up giving players more options for high-quality games, and that’s something no one can really argue against.

The Nature of These 3D Slots

Something that’s really cool about 3D video slots is that they offer up a great experience in terms of the features and gameplay available as well.

These companies haven’t just thrown up good graphics in hopes that they will carry the game as a whole.

Instead, we’re seeing new features, new spins on established features and lots of different themes and concepts used in these titles.

As always, there’s this upward pressure for companies to produce better and better content, and we’re seeing that in a major way right now as 3D slots get pushed forward as a key component of virtual reality casinos and other forms of technology.