baccarat netentBaccarat is renowned for being one of the most prestigious and exclusive card game from all the other casino games in existence.

There are numerous reasons why baccarat is so well received, but the main reasons include its grand reputation and its rich European history, making it worthy of special attention.

The game of baccarat is one of the easiest card games to understand and learn to play in any casino, online or land-based.

In this guide, I will explain the rules of baccarat, how to play the game, and provide different baccarat variations so that you have a clear understanding of the game before heading out to try your luck at baccarat.

Allthough there are several online versions of this game, Baccarat is best played at a live dealer casino.

Rules and How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is considered a single player game, as a player will only get one move for every hand.

In the game of baccarat, players will only need to decide on one of the three possible wagers, including the banker, the player, or a tie.

Once bets have been made on the three possible outcomes, the cards will be dealt according to a pre-determined set of rules.

The goal in Baccarat is to receive a total of nine or a total that is closest to nine without going over.

All Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a value of zero, and the ace holds a value of one, while all remaining cards will have their own face value.

A hand displaying a value of more than ten will have the ten disregarded. For instance, if a player has a hand total of twelve, the hand will only count as two in a game of baccarat.

A natural is the best possible hand you can get in baccarat with a total value of eight or nine.

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General Gameplay

The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to the banker and another two cards to the player.

Keep in mind that the banker and the dealer are two square boxes on a baccarat table and there will only be one banker hand, and one dealer hand dealt, regardless of the number of players at the baccarat table.

Once the cards are dealt, the dealer will compare the hands.

If either the player hand or the banker’s hand has a total of eight or nine, the round will end, and the winning bets will be paid accordingly. Should the banker have an eight and the player have a nine, the player will win.

Should neither the player or the banker have a natural hand, the dealer will deal a third card. The draw can’t be decided by a player and is done in accordance with the game rules.

The player is always drawn first with the following rules: Should the total of the player hand be anything between 0 and 5, the player hand will draw a third card.

Should the player hand total be 6 or 7, the player will stand.

The rules for the banker’s hand is determined by the player hand and is decided as follows: Should the total of the banker’s hand be 3 and the player hand total be anything between 0 and 7, the Banker will then deal a third card.

Should the banker’s total hand be four and the player hand zero or anything between two and seven, the banker draws a third card.

If the banker total be five and the total of the player hand be four, five, six or seven, the banker will then draw a third card.

Lastly, should the banker’s hand total be six and the total player hand be six or seven, the banker will draw a third card.

Variations of Baccarat

There are three main variations of Baccarat including, baccarat banque, chemin de fer, and punto banco.

  • Punto banco is the English version of baccarat and is found in most land-based and online casinos.
  • Chemin de fer is the French version of baccarat and is named after the cards being placed in an iron box.
  • Baccarat Banque is mainly played in France and is a close relative to chemin de fer.
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