Electronic Wallet Skrill

Skrill was originally founded way back in 2001 as Moneybookers, one of the world’s largest online payments and digital wallet providers, but some years later, it rebranded as the Skrill Group, which currently has over 20million active account holders.

Skrill allows customers and businesses to complete transactions online, whether that be purchasing gifts for loved ones or placing bets at online casinos, Skrill will allow you to do this quickly, efficiently and securely.

Over 36million customers choose to place bets online via Skrill, this is because all that’s required to place those bets is your email address and password.

Sign Up To Use Skrill

To create a free Skrill account takes minutes, you simply head to the website, fill in your details and you’re almost good to go.

With Skrill being an all-in-one e-wallet system, all of your payment details are kept in on handy and secure place, meaning you won’t have to get your card details out each time you wish to place bets online.

Choose your currency when signing up, Skrill caters for a total of 40 different currencies and then you will have to verify your account.

Follow the onscreen instructions and Skrill will withdraw a small cash sum from your registered payment method (up to $1), enter the amount they deducted from your account on the verification screen and your account is instantly ready to use.

By using your bank account to fund transactions through Skrill, you will need to make a larger purchase of at least $10 from your bank, this will issue you with a 6-digit code that you then use to verify your bank.


By using your bank, Swift or Maestro to fund your Skrill account, you won’t be issued with a fee, but when using it for online gambling purposes, the issuer may charge you a fee, which has nothing to do with Skrill.

Withdrawals are met with a £3.96p charge for bank or Visa transactions or €3.95c via Swift. Currency conversions are met with a 2.99% or 3.99% fee, depending on the value of the transaction.

There are no funding limits imposed with Neteller, allowing you to spend as much as you like.

How to Deposit with Skrill

If you are ready to start funding your online gambling accounts through Skrill, you simply log into your gambling account, select Skrill as your payment method and type in the amount you wish to spend.

A new screen will emerge, asking you to input your Skrill email and password, confirm your details and transaction amount and you can start playing right away.