There are many European roulette games for you to play, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that they all offer the same gaming experience.

NetEnt, a globally renowned casino provider of slots and table games has created a competitive edge with this popular online game.

Enjoy a world class experience with attractive design to trick you into thinking you are standing inside a real-life casino with a croupier waiting to take your bets. Sitting at a roulette table has never looked so convincing, so it’s time to see what NetEnt has to offer in their European Roulette game.

We have added the Desktop Version of NetEnt’s European Roulette which you can find below.

If you would rather play the mobile version then just sign up at any of the casino’s listed on our website.

Design and Game Rules

European Roulette is a luxury game that draws you right into the action.

The game starts with a small introduction video untill the roulette table is fully loaded.

Your screen is uncluttered and features a roulette wheel in black to the top half, green betting table to the lower of the screen, virtual chips to the left and right of the table and the carpet has a deep red design with diamond pattern.

How To Play

At the left bottom of the screen you can select options like; open paytable, racetrack, statistics and favorite bets.

At the bottom of the screen you can select chips from 1 to 25 pounds per bet which can be placed on the game table.

The top right of the screen is where you will find the hot and cold numbers, hot being those numbers that come out most often and cold being the numbers that rarely come out.

Placing your bets is simple; you drag the value chip of your choice from the lower screen and place it on the betting table.

The minimum bet is £1 and when placing your bets, the screen will show you how much you will win, should you bet be a winning one.

A chilled-out soundtrack plays out in the background and the winning outcome is always displayed. Use the controls to the lower screen to view statistics, switch betting table, double your bets, repeat your bets, undo bets and start the game.

Our Verdict

We have had the pleasure of playing a great deal of casino games and can safely say that the European Roulette game from NetEnt offers a superior gaming experience like no other.

Whilst the rules remain the same and the payouts, the player interface and ease of gameplay is superb.

Make sure you have your volume switched up, because you will enjoy your game a lot more with real-life sounds and winning announcements from the virtual dealer.

You won’t be rushed to play; you simply take your time and set the wheel in motion when you are ready. The only difficult think about this game is deciding what the winning outcome will be.