Sic Bo is an extremely complicated game with tons of different variations in bets, much like the other most popular dice game craps.

However, there’s a simple way to play that will maximize your payout rates while giving you plenty of room for excitement.

This game is played by rolling three, six-sided dice and betting on the outcome in terms of totals, pairs and triples.

The two Sic Bo Bets Big and Small

The two bets every Sic Bo player needs to know are big and small.

A small wins when your total is between 4 and 10, but not when there’s a triple (three of a kind). The big wins on totals of 11 to 17, and again, it doesn’t win on triples.

Both of these bets have the same chances of winning (48.61 percent), and they both pay 1:1. The house edge on each of these bets is about 2.8 percent, and that puts them in line with European roulette.

Generally speaking, these are the bets that Sic Bo players should stick to. There are no other bets with a better payout rate, and many of the other available wagers have incredibly high house edges.

Example Payouts of Sic Bo

One problem with Sic Bo is that the payouts vary wildly from site to site and game to game if you aren’t playing the big and small (whose payouts do not change because they’re standardized).

An excellent example of this is the “Any Triple” bet that wins when all three of the dice come up the same number, regardless of what that number happens to be.

If you play in a game with a 32x payout rate, then you’ll have a house advantage of 8.33 percent.

That’s already high, and it’s worth pointing out that this is actually a higher payout than you’ll find virtually anywhere. In Atlantic City, to give an example, the standard payout is 30x for a house edge of a whopping 13.89 percent.

It’s even worse in Macau, where the game is top-rated, with its 24x payout and incredibly high 30.56 percent house advantage.

Other Good Bets

Some other good bets are in line with the big and small in terms of house advantage.

One such set of bets is even and odd, and they both have house advantages of 2.8 percent.

This is just like the big and small bets, and that’s because they’re structured precisely the same: You have a 48.61 percent chance of winning with a payout of 1:1.

Generally speaking, unless you run into some kind of proprietary bet, those are the best payouts you’re going to find.

Not all games will have the even and odd bets available, but they will all have the big and small. That’s why the best strategy to learn for this game is to just stick to either the big or the small (or switch; however, you feel between them).

Virtually any other bet is going to have a house advantage, and it will often be in the double digits.

The even and odd bets can be useful, as you’ve seen above, but you should make sure there aren’t any hidden catches before you take them if you see them available in a game you’re playing.