Payments by Credit Card

credit and debit cardsWhen it comes to placing bets online, you can choose to fund your account through a variety of deposit methods, but the most commonly used is the credit card.

What makes the credit card a popular choice when playing at online casinos or online bingo halls?

One of the reasons why players choose to deposit through a credit card is because they can literally spend more cash than they have in their accounts.

While using a credit card to gamble online is considered a risky move, many choose to do this and do it responsibly, but there are some punters who consistently spend more than they can afford.

Credit cards allow you to deposit as much as you like and play without a care in the world, until you receive your bank statement with significant charges that you have to find, on top of the cash you used to gamble with.

The most common credit cards are Visa, Maestro and Master Cards. Most online casinos accept deposits with any of these cards.

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If you have a good credit score and are not in debt, you will be offered a credit card by your bank.

If you haven’t been offered one, the chances of you being accepted for one are relatively slim.

To get your hands on a credit card, you simply give your bank your details, and if you have enough cash moving into your account, more than it goes out, you will be issued with one to use as you wish.

Using credit cards allow you to make big purchases and spread the cost over a long period, but when on online gambling, this certainly isn’t the case.

We recommend you shop around the big banks and credit card providers because the majority of them will charge you for using it to gamble online.


Credit cards are not free; there are charges that are applied to your account if you miss a payment, withdraw cash and make transactions abroad.

If you find yourself going over your stated credit limit, you will find more charges applied, meaning these charges can mount up quicker than you can spend the cash.

How to Deposit

So, you’ve read the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card to place bets online, and now you want to know how to deposit into your account; this is simple.

Log into your gambling account, choose your desired payment method (i.e. credit card), say how much you wish to transfer from your credit card to your gambling account, follow the onscreen instructions and within a few clicks, your cash will be ready to use.