The story of Pinocchio is probably the most well-known for being made into a Disney film, but the story has been around for long before that.

BetSoft has made their version of this story with some really good 3D graphics, and it centers around Gepetto and his wooden puppet Pinocchio.

There are lots of 3D graphics in this game, and it’s set with a background that really fits the mood. The soundtrack in this game is also solid, and this helps to set the experience for players.

Game Format

Pinocchio is a five-reel, three-row video slot that uses 15 paylines.

This is actually a little bit of an older format, but it works out really well here because of how the payout structure is set up.

You can choose to play with fewer paylines, but it’s best if you keep it at 15 to keep all of the features activated, even if that means you need to choose a smaller coin size or fewer coins per pay line to be comfortable with your total bet size.

Players can bet up to five coins per payline, and coin sizes range from $0.02 to $1.00 apiece.

Payouts and Symbols

The Pinocchio symbol pays 500x for five of a kind, and you can also get 200x for five of Pinocchio in a cage or the puppet show sign.

The wooden tool pays 150x, as does the clock. Players can earn 100x payouts for five of a kind in the A or K symbol, and that drops to 60x for five of the Q, J or 10.

There are three different scatters with one appearing in each of the three-game worlds.

Gepetto is scattered in the regular world, the books are scattered in the classroom setting, and the wagon is scattered when you’re on the stage.

They all appear on the first, third and fifth reels only, and they all pay 30x for two and 150x for three.

Pinocchio Slot Features

If you collect five real boy symbols, then you get to play in real boy mode. This just turns the Pinocchio symbol into a wild for a set of spins until you collect five of the wooden boy symbols to go back to the regular mode.

With no wins on the reels, you can also get the fairy re-spin that will happen in certain situations where you miss out on a winning combination because of a symbol being out of place on one of the first three reels.

Finally, players can earn free spins and wilds in the extra modes, and this includes the wild scroll feature in regular gameplay where you get chances to make wins that you wouldn’t have hit otherwise.