Somewhere between 2005 and 2007, the “all ways” format started to become popular.

The basic idea is that every symbol turns into a left-to-right scatter, so you can choose one symbol from each reel to create winning combinations, as long as you start on the left and work your way to the right on consecutive reels.

The Dragon Born mobile slot takes this concept to its logical conclusion with what’s called the MegaWays format.

How The Megaways Format Works

Here’s the basic idea. There are normally five reels and three rows in most video slots.

However, with the MegaWays format, there are six reels and a whopping seven rows. When you apply the “all ways” format here, then there are literally 117,649 different ways to win.

While this is a bit different than saying there are 117,649 paylines because the wins are chosen a bit; differently, the point is that there are tons of ways to win, so this game has a very high hit-rate.

Wagers are chosen between 1 and 20 per spin of your currency of choice, and this simplifies the betting options as well.

Symbols and Payouts

Stacked wilds show up on the reels during free spins and give you chances to really pile up the winnings.

What’s more, is that some of them have multipliers to give you even more significant wins.

The payouts in this game are determined as a multiple of your total bet size instead of some kind of per-line bet size so that they might seem like small numbers at first, but they’re really not relative to how much is being bet.

Six of the dragon gets you a 50x payout, and five earns 25x. You can win with only two in a row of this symbol.

The red and blue gems pay 5x and 4x for six of a kind each, and the green banner pays 3x for six of a kind. The A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols pay between 2.50x and 0.80x for six of a kind, and the dragon is the only symbol that pays for just two of a kind.

You’ll need at least three for the rest of the symbols.


The diamond scatters symbol gives you a shot at free spins.

Three earns six spins, four earns 12 free spins, five gets you 25 free turns, and you’ll be given a whopping 50 free spins when you get six of the scatter on the reels at the same time.

Overall, Dragon Born is an action-packed game that focuses on giving players lots of ways to win with an atypical format that’s perfect for the mobile, touchscreen interface.